Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Not as Creepy as they are Cute!

I don't know about you, but I love the "sweets" part of Halloween much more the the creepy, scary, gory part. So try as I might to make scary Halloween treats, I still think they just end up looking adorable rather than icky. I made these for a customer's annual Halloween party. She gave me free rein, which I was super excited about. But she knew it should be cupcake bites, she is one smart woman!
My little guy was such a big help when I was making these. He had great ideas and helped me push the styling a bit further than I may have. The eyeball ones where all him. I cut bigger white circles and smaller blue circles out of fondant for the eyeballs. I then used a food marker to make the red blood shot look. The spiders were m&m's with candy melt legs attached. The spiderwebs were just some Halloween quinns topped off by string of melted chocolate. The pumpkins came together when I tried using a chocolate covered sunflower seed for the stem. Perfect!

They were everywhere! I will take that kind of scary table setting anytime. Turns out my customer said that they were a bit hit and everyone enjoyed them. Kids and adults!
Here are a few more not so scary, but oh so cute parts of my Halloween.
My girls made their costumes all by themselves. We bought the wings at Joann's. Thanks to a sale and a coupon, we got both for only $6. They then spent another $6 on the black t-shirts, which they cut and tied and decorated with paints and jewels, as they did their masks. A few old dance costume skirts, and they were set. Camden used his Harry Potter cape and a lovely black ensemble with a mask and a light up sword from Nani. The swash buckling Zorro in him came out quite effortlessly!
Hope you all enjoyed Halloween and don't forget to save that extra candy (ha ha , I know what extra candy?). If you do have any extra, use it to make a gingerbread house this holiday season.

We had a great time trick or treating in Deforest with Uncle Jim, Aunt Kris and referee Mikey.
No boo hoo's to be heard!