Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gobble gobble and all that! How did I miss posting this holiday?

This turkey day, as far as sweets go, was a busy one and one mixed in with birthdays.
One of our family friends has a son, who is allergic to dairy. Poor guy! Yes, that means no ice cream. I know! Not fair, what is life without a little scoop now and then. Anyway, I set out to make him a cake that looked like sushi, tasted decent, didn't have any dairy, but was pleasing to everyone else.
Here he is with his little cousin. I adore the look on his cousin's face! It looks like the little guy is in a trance and all he can hear in his head is "eat cake, eat cake, eat cake". (Been there!)

Next up, buttercream dream cake. It is certainly not going to win any prizes for photography or overly exciting cake, but it was sure to be tasty and bring a little something different than pie to the holiday dessert table.
This one was for a Thanksgiving day birthday. The customer wanted me to play with the turkey theme. And play I did! What's he looking at?
I meant to make a small cake for just a family of four, but then I thought about turkeys. Does small come to mind? I also think they carry a bit of attitude. They certainly aren't the best looking animal, so he needed to be "charactered up" (I know, not a word) a little.
He started off a little bare. But then came the feathers...
I think he looks much better like this. The feathers were all made from fondant. I think they gave the cake great texture and color. I will be making more of these next year. Get your orders in now! I had so many people love this and think it would be a great, edible centerpiece for their Thanksgiving table. Turkey for dinner, turkey for dessert. Works for me :)
We shared a lovely holiday with many family and friends. One of my dear friend's father passed away just before Thanksgiving. A great reminder of how precious life is and all that we have to be thankful for. My heart is with her and her family.
I hope he is enjoying his pasta and JB up there with the big guy and his parents. Here's to you Johnny Stripes. You will not soon be forgotten.