Sunday, June 28, 2009

It may be summer, but we are always thinkin' about Hockey up here, heh

As my girls and I were sitting with friends at a dance competition, one of the moms mentioned all the things she had to get done before her son's birthday.  She looked up at me (as if a light bulb went off) and asked if I could do a cake in two days.  Of course, right?! We decided to go with a hockey theme, since her son plays.  It was just for the family, so she told me I could keep it simple.  Hmm, still working on that one.  I called her that night and told her I could just do a generic looking cake (boring, not my style really) or maybe hockey sticks and a puck would be more fun.  Here's what she decided.
They wanted to use buttercream instead of fondant. I think fondant would have been a cleaner look, but I still think it turned out cool.  It all worked out.  My friend had one less thing to do, her son was pleasantly surprised with a "fancy"cake and now my son knows what he wants for his birthday.  Until he sees the next cake!
Thanks Cam for always making Mommy feel like Superstar!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ayyy Yaahh!

You know how busy we all are and how hard it is to take the time out to do something for someone else sometimes? Have you ever then done something and realized it was a gift to you, not just a favor for someone else?
Well, my family had the great privilege of watching some of our family friend's children (are you still with me?) test for their black belt's in Tae kwon do.  My children also practice TKD. They all have gained so much confidence, strength and friendships throughout their practice. Two of their favorite people in the world are their first instructors, Mr. and Mrs. Moh.  They moved to LA a couple of years ago and Mr. Moh is acting now.  He appears in the CW kids show, Kamen Rider.  Pretty cool, huh?
Anyway, their was a group of kids testing for their black belt and we all wanted to be there to watch, but time was so tight, we didn't know how to make it.  Thank goodness we did, we enjoyed it so much.  Most of the kids were under 13 yrs old.  They had to break boards, do forms with so many moves and position- I lost count! They also had to spar and answer questions from the judges who were made up of some very high ranking black belts.  They all handled themselves with such grace, it was truly inspiring.  Ms.K and Mr, Niska run the school and they where both very emotional when they were able to hand out the black belts to this deserving group.  Come to think of it, I don't think there was dry eye in the place, but many full hearts.

Back to cake! I made a cake for two for the families and cookies for another.  One of the mom's joked with me and asked if the belt was removable in case they didn't get their black belt.  She still had to feed a house full of people ya know!

Here is the one for Jackson. He had the most determined look on his face all day, there was no doubt that he would achieve his goal.

Here is the one for Heather.  We all knew she had it in her and it was so great watching her discover it too! 

I made the two different so each had their own personalized cake.  The patches are made out of fondant, then I just let them dry out a bit and painted them.  I thought they turned out pretty good and gave the uniform a more real look. 

My girls will test for their recommended black belts this July (you have to test for your recommended black belt, them after a few months, if you are ready, you may test for your decided black belt).  I think I am nervous for them already.  But also so proud that they have made this one of their goals.

So, my advice, for what it's worth.  Take time and do something for someone or with someone else, even though it may not be convenient and scheduled.  I think you will find a gift in there for you just as we did that special "black" day!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

1966 Corvette (Cake of course)

Hey it's Livi! (again) I am now in complete power of the blog! Mehehehe- ach hairball,(jk). Well conditionally of course. Mom is just 2 busy 2 type today. That means I'm in control 4 today. Well anywho remember the people that bought that cute little well actually BIG horse cake? They came back for another cake in the shape of an old car. I think it was actually called a corveete? corvette? Something like that. Mom got this sweet pic of the top of the cake. It even said his name on it! 

Okay here is the back of it. Pretty cool huh? The license plate says NC66 because the car is from 1966 and the NC are his initials. Look at the texture of the fondant! No just kidding I don't really need to go through all of that and make it so long you wouldn't want to read! But I have to say that is some good work. NEXT picture, 

Well this is the finished product! Do you like it? Hope you do! The product looked awesome in person too. I wasn't there when they picked it up this time. But instead of galloping off into the sunset, it drove away....... Actually it was still in the back seat of the car. Vroom! Vroom! 
Livi is out, PEACE!