Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Dear Man

It has been a while since I posted and I will get you caught up with my sweets soon. First, I need to post about my father-in-law, Jim. He passed away from tongue cancer on Dec. 27, 2009. So this is really about sweetness and sadness.
Jim and Buffy (hubbie's parents) renewed their vows at the beginning of November. The picture above is at that ceremony with all the clan. It was a joyful day and bittersweet. We had found out in late September, that the treatment and surgery didn't get rid of the cancer and Jim only had about 6 months left. I wish we would have had six months.
I was honored to make a full dessert table for their celebration. We had a Romen chocolate cake, lime chiffon, carrot cake, decorated sugar cookies and red velvet cupcake bites.

Beautiful color scheme, huh?
Jim went through more than anyone should. He never complained and showed such grace and strength. Here are three of my favorite guys just a few months ago. One more handsome than the next. They all shared quite an amazing bond.
The picture below was just before Christmas. Grandpa Jim had a very special place in his heart for little girls. These two meant the world to him. He loved to watch them dance at their competitions. One of the only times I ever saw him cry was when he saw them perform on stage.
This one warms my heart as much as it breaks it. My little guy adored his Grandpa and taught him so much about love. Jim could be in pain, exhausted, sad, upset and when Cam walked in the room, he lightened right up. This is how Cam spent most of our visits with Jim.
We were there with Jim when he took his last breath. I can't explain properly how amazing it was. It was such a privilege and gift to be with him at that moment.
Buffy asked me if I would say the words of farewell at his funeral mass. As much as I wanted to, I just thought it would be too hard. One night I sat and just wrote my heart out, called Buffy when I was done and told her I would do it. Somehow, someway, I made it through the words at the mass. This is the last paragraph of my words of farewell~

"Jim was the dearest man. As the angels carried him up to paradise after his last gentle breath, we all looked around at each other and smiled. We felt so blessed to have loved and been loved by this wonderful man before us. It is our duty to keep his memory alive and we will do it with pride. He will remain in our hearts forever. A dear man."

Love you Jimmer