Monday, February 22, 2010

Christmas was a blur...

You may have noticed my previous post- hence the title for this post.  Before all the sadness ensued, we did make lots of sweets for the holidays.  I had so many orders between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I dreamed of sleep and well, a nice relaxing evening with a glass of wine in hand! To kick off the holidays we did a Holiday Open House at Angelina's Kitchen.  Here are some of the pictures of the holiday treats we had available to our customers. 
Cupcake bites, red velvet- of course.
 We cleared out the kitchen and turned it into a holiday boutique.  Everything looked so fun and festive! Angela and her staff made some of her delicious food for everyone to sample.  I am pretty sure my family ate most if it! Spinach lasagna, Tuscan chicken medley, spicy meatballs.  Don't get me started!
I set up various tables with displays and tastings.
This one had the Romen Chocolate Cake, Lime Chiffon with cranberries, Carrot cake and decorated sugar cookies.
Close up of those cute little cookies! Please, don't ask how long each one took me.  My husband already thinks I am crazy.
We were lucky enough to have my oldest daughter and Angela's youngest, as helpers for the event.  They loved to be in the "shopping area".  It was filled with handmade clothes, belts, Stella Dot jewelry, Southern Living dishes, etc.  Oh sure, they helped- eating the samples and trying on jewelry!

The breads are always a hit and available most weeks at Angelina's Kitchen. People love them all 
wrapped up in pretty ribbons.  As for me, cut up on my plate is how I like to eat see them.  At home I make them for my kids.  I will cut the loaves in thick slices, wrap them in plastic wrap then put them in the freezer.  When I am sending them off to school, I take a slice out and pack it in their lunch.  By the time they eat, the slice is all thawed out and fresh.  A little taste of home while they are away from me.  I have been known to send many extra slices or cookies for their friends.  I get many requests :)
Just a little lunch tip.  Never run out of things to say, do I?
We also did many catered orders, for office parties, and holiday get togethers. The lemon bread and chocolate brownie torte tray is always a winner.
So, there it was, and now it is February. Hmm. Guess you would like to see what I did for Valentine's.  Next up.  I promise .  I also promise to get better at posting (for the two of you who happen by this blog).  I may have some exciting news soon.  I will give you a hint...nahh. Not yet :)
I will tell you that I can see a better year ahead for us.  Last year really hit us hard in many ways.  We are so thankful for our loving family and good friends who stuck by us and held us up when we needed it.  Hugs and sweet kisses to all of you, you know who you are!