Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day = All Kinds of Love

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays.  While my husband claims it to be a "Hallmark holiday", I think it is very real and stirs very real emotions. Of course, it always makes me want to bake up lots of sweet, beautiful, chocolatey, sugary treats. I actually would rather give someone a special homemade, hand decorated cookie valentine than a store bought card.  I guess I express my love in unique ways :) 

 This is what my home kitchen looks like at this time, every year. Cookies, cake bites, decorations, mixer and flowers, of course! Yes, I buy my own.  Ladies, let's face it, if you like having flowers around, especially the lovely colors that are available right now, then go buy them for yourself and put them out.  Even if your kitchen is a mess... or they didn't get delivered in a beautiful vase... or there wasn't anyone around to say how lucky you are someone sent them to you... you can still enjoy them! Right?
So I won't be posting a bunch of sweet things to eat, instead I will post a bunch of sweet pictures of love.  Some old, some new... all make my heart melt. Enjoy.

Brand New Puppy love

Locks of Love love

Life Long Friends love

Blessing a Renewed love

Wonderful Sissy love

Packer Backer love

Nani love

Papa love

Professional Taste Tester love

So Elfin' Cute love

Luckiest love

Mommy love

Daddy love

The Best Kind of "Crazy" Family love

Deeper Than The Ocean love

 My Everything love

I wish you all a very Happy Valentine's Day. 
Hope it is filled with your own kind of special love.
To my Teh, Lou, Peaches and Bubby. xo.