Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sweet Baby Jasper

Talk about making things a little sweeter!! My new nephew, JJ ( Jasper Joseph), has recently decided to make us all a little more infatuated with him by flashing this heavenly smile. I was in Chicago on a business trip :) and finally had a chance to see my little nugget, face to face.  He is so darling and such a good baby.  His mom and dad are like old pros.  They are completely in love with him and adore every sleepless moment they get to share as a family.  

First, we chatted and got to know one another better.

      Next we asked Mom to go get some rest so we could bond a little.

Finally, he let me hold him far longer than he needed me to.  He just knew I needed a little baby love.
On my next post I will have pictures from my Chicago bakery/research tour.  For now, feel free to check back on this post whenever you need a little pick-me-up.  Being able to spend time with my sweet little Jasper has helped my days to be brighter.  I anxiously await the next time I will be able to hold him.  I hope he always let me hang on to him- for longer than I should :)

I added my sister's blog on my links.  You may just want to check up on this little cutie pie:)