Sunday, June 28, 2009

It may be summer, but we are always thinkin' about Hockey up here, heh

As my girls and I were sitting with friends at a dance competition, one of the moms mentioned all the things she had to get done before her son's birthday.  She looked up at me (as if a light bulb went off) and asked if I could do a cake in two days.  Of course, right?! We decided to go with a hockey theme, since her son plays.  It was just for the family, so she told me I could keep it simple.  Hmm, still working on that one.  I called her that night and told her I could just do a generic looking cake (boring, not my style really) or maybe hockey sticks and a puck would be more fun.  Here's what she decided.
They wanted to use buttercream instead of fondant. I think fondant would have been a cleaner look, but I still think it turned out cool.  It all worked out.  My friend had one less thing to do, her son was pleasantly surprised with a "fancy"cake and now my son knows what he wants for his birthday.  Until he sees the next cake!
Thanks Cam for always making Mommy feel like Superstar!

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