Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cupcake class with B's friends

Well, here's the motley crew! 

Hardly! They are a very sweet group of girls who just "graduated" from elementary school and are heading off to junior high next year.  My oldest, B, wanted to have her friends over for a Lucky C's Sweets class.  After bringing in many treats to school as well as sending some extras in my daughter's lunch bag, her friends wanted to learn how to make some "fun" cupcakes.  We invited the girls over, via text message you know, cuz why call anyone any more, right? Oh my, I am getting old.  Anyway, once they got here, we pulled up our sleeves, put the aprons on, made a bucket load of cupcakes, and set out all sorts of candy, decorations and frosting.  Away they went.

I was so impressed by how creative they were.  We had a couple of books out so they could look for examples, but I think once they had an idea, they just found a way to do it.  I showed them how to use decorating bags and tips, which they loved! The were a bit heavy handed on the frosting, but that's really as it should be.  Don't you agree? Take a look at some (seriously, only some! we made dozens o' cupcakes that day.)

Don't know if it was satisfaction at a job well done or the sugar high they were on, but you couldn't wipe the grins off their faces. Who would want to anyway!

My little guy participated also.  He has always been a big helper when I am baking, so he was right in there with the girls.  After he got done with his first one, all the girls went crazy for it! He made a caterpillar on a sunflower.  Not bad huh?

Is it bad that while I was enjoying their creativity and personalities, I was also watching their technique and thinking about who could work for me someday?  Hey! I can barely get everything done now, I gotta look for a little help at some point!
All in all it was a great way to spend a Minnesota summer day (you know, cloudy and 59 degrees!).  Our next baking day is going to be decorating cut out sugar cookies.  I can't wait to see what they will do next!


  1. As one of your two readers :-), I had an idea -- cupcake parties could be a whole new addition to your business! Birthday parties, etc. -- as if you weren't busy enough already...

  2. I totally want to be invited to the next party, Missy B! I agree with Kerstin about the cupcake party...much better than build a bear or libby lou, hey? When are you going to move closer to us?...We would so totally romp the scene, dude!
    Take care, love to all and save me some red velvet...por favor!