Saturday, February 28, 2009

Introducing Lucky C's Sweets!

Lucky C's motto is "Eat Responsibly...Save room for Dessert!"

We sisters can't get enough of baking, decorating and eating sweets - for fun or comfort, but usually both! Our families have proven to be great taste-testers and hard working contributors in our baking endeavors. This blog is our attempt at making the most of these prickly economic times - finding comfort in things we love and sharing that with others.

Michelle & Noellen

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  1. Dear Michelle: I am so happy, I could cry - Yes, your fitness instructor is thrilled that you will be sharing your gift of baking to all who love CAKE! You have shared a few of your specialties and it simply leaves me craving and wanting more. You know it's "bad" when I wake up the next morning plotting ways to sneak into your house to steal baked goods. I await your line of greeting cards, tee shirts, and most dear to my heart: CAKE! Love, Debra a/k/a cw