Friday, October 22, 2010

Pirates and Jimmies and Tyler, Oh my!

So, it happened. My oldest nephew, Tyler, went from a fun, little boy who sat and drank Sunny D at my kitchen table out of a sippy cup to a confident, young man going off to college!  After suffering an ACL tear right before junior year basketball tryouts, he certainly rebounded for his senior year and helped to take his team to a winning season.  He was a Pewaukee Pirate. Arggg!
He received a scholarship and an opportunity to play basketball at Jamestown College in North Dakota. So, now he's a Jimmie! Not really sure what that is, gonna have to ask him the next time we text.  Cuz, that's what you do with a busy college guy.  You text, right? 
His mom (my older sister) and his dad, gave him a great send off with a fantastic graduation party.  I was in charge of sweets.  Imagine that.

So, here's the cake.  Looks pretty good after traveling 5 hours, staying in a hotel, surviving record high temps and being stared at by many young people wanting to devour it!

Please excuse me (and Ty forgive me), but I must reminisce.  This boy stole my heart the day he was born and still keeps a tight grasp.  I must say I almost felt like he was one of mine going off to school.  Did I mention he will actually be living closer to me now than his family?  I'm just saying.

Here he is as a grade schooler.  Cool hair, dude!
With his Nani as an 8th grader. Trying to prove that height may skip a generation :)
No one is too old for Santa!
Teaching my little guy how to properly organize your matchbox cars.
Show off!! He is always holding a basketball.
Ready to go explore the world, but not without one last hug from his overprotective Auntie.

Make us proud Ty. You have many talents and gifts.  I may be biased, but my favorite is that part of your sweet, sensitive heart that you share with me at my kitchen counter while eating cookies.
Now, come visit!

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  1. Hey Sis - thanks for sending me off for tissues.
    a good cry feels good once in awhile. Sure do miss Ty. He is doing well, he likes cheering for Bucky & the Packers out in ND. Fun pictures thanks for making my day. Hi & love to all in MN. - Zip