Saturday, April 25, 2009

2nd dance competition done, go Legacy!

Hey this is Brenna! Mom's  busy so I get to write the post! MwaaHaaaHaaa! (just kidding!) Since I'm writing I'm going to tell you all about these (delicious) cookies and why the picture above says "Hey U". First of all, the cookie above says "Hey U" because these cookies are for my dance studio and that's the name of my jazz dance. It says #1 because our jazz dance was the TOP SCORING DANCE of the WHOLE COMPETITION! Second, Angie from the studio ordered cookies for ALL of the dance lines as congrats for a job well done. There are 6 dance lines, Little Lites, Rising Stars, Dancing Stars (My younger sister Olivia's dance line), Starlights (My dance line), Starmakers, and Highlights.                                   

These are some of the 105 cookies my mom made. Pretty sweet, huh?
On that note, I LOVE LEGACY! (Hope I get to write again soon!) 

Brenna Lou


  1. Hey Brenna! Go Legacy! Woot Woot!
    Our jazz dance rocks, and so did your moms
    cookies. Having a HUGE box of those would be
    HEAVEN!! See you at Starlights!

  2. WOOT WOOT! Yeah Starlights! You guys are the best by far, this has been the best year yet. Thank you Starlights 08-09 for making this year amazing and everything that we've accomplished possible. I love you guys!
    ~Courtney (:

  3. & by the way, Michelle: Your cookies were DELICIOUSLY WONDERFULLY AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS! Haha, they were SUPER good! Thanks for making them and serving those bits of heaven to us (: