Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hi this is Olivia. For right now I'm posting for mom. You see the good news is mom's business is great and she's really busy, but the bad news is she won't be able to post. So I'm filling in for today! GO LUCKY C'S SWEETS!!!!
So remember how mom mentioned neeh on the last post? ( If anyone's even reading it..... maybe everyone just likes the pics?!) Anywho, she said that 'cause she got an order from our friends saying they want a horse cake for the dad's mom's, birthday.  He said she loves horses and rides a lot, but she has fallen off 4 times and gotten hurt.  Her nickname is Spot because of all the freckles she has.  So, that's what inspired her.
Here's how it started.  Hoping to get a taste soon.
Weird lookin', huh?  Then she covered it with fondant.  Starting to look better. Boy, the kitchen smelled good at that point.  Still didn't get that taster of fondant, rats!
No, it's not an armadillo, it is a horse.  Don't worry he gets cuter. At this point, I still haven't got my taste :(  This horse sure was looking at me funny.  I don't know if he's shy or just knows how much I want to eat him!
Mom thought she should add a little something extra.  So, she molded some fondant into these shapes: a little emergency/doctor bag, a set of horseshoes for good luck, a journal to write her riding adventures in, and a seat belt on the horse to hold Spot on.
Here's the finished product.  I think he looks a little like Bullseye, from Toy Story, but he's still cute.  Our friends came over to pick the cake up.  They thought it was awesome! Mom gets to do another cake for them next week.  I think I heard something about a corvette.  Sounds like an old car to me.  Wonder why they want a cake like that.  Hmm.  
Anywho, we waved as the horse rode off into the sunset.  (Well, actually he was a box in the backseat of the car, but you know what I mean.)
Good news, bad news, again.  Bad news, I had to help Mom clean up the kitchen.  Good news, I was in charge of cleaning up the frosting.  After I was through with it, there actually wasn't much to clean up!
ONS out. Peace!


  1. I love seeing all the cool things you do. So glad the business is picking up for you. You'll be in a commercial kitchen in no time!! I love the horse cake. Can't believe how you envision these cakes...It's amazing.

  2. I actually just started baking at a local commercial kitchen. They offer great homemade meals for take out and now I am offering some of my sweets there. It has been great, but seriously exhausting. I have to find the time to blog about it all soon. The place is called Angelina's Kitchen. I love that you are looking at the blog. I think you make the third person. heehee.
    Love to you!

  3. Jenny HallenbeckMay 6, 2009 at 3:06 AM

    Love right back at ya! Too bad you couldn't have started this in college! Probably a good thing with my sweet tooth! Love to read about what you've been doing and your kids are awesome. I hope to meet them someday!

  4. Hello Olivia! You're a pretty amazing blogger!
    Have fun at Dancing Stars