Sunday, April 11, 2010

Clay or NOT?

Hello the awesome OLIVIA is back and posting again. I know everyone's happy. Well anywho, back to what I'm supposed to be typing about. Like those pics up there? Yah, I made them, well except the teeny tiny little cupcake bites and the teeny tiny little donuts those were mom's. Otherwise it was pure OLIVIA! I mean who else can make a PERFECT replica of my mother's Lovely, Lovely Lemon Bread? And her delicious Romen Chocolate Cake? What about the Lime Chiffon Cake? (Which is purple because I ran out of white;P) Well, huh? Yah I know I'm the bomb. NEXT!
My brother on the other hand was in a green mood that day. Although I also made the Gummy Bear. Apparently he doesn't like making mini food. Well, he made A) a snake B) a baby with a silver head and C) a glass ball. They're actually kinda cool. Don't you think? NEXT!
Now this......mmm looks so good doesn't it? I mean who doesn't LOVE bacon cheeseburgers? Or french fries for that matter. Not talking about soda like that though cuz I know many people who don't like soda. I do though:). One day I was just taking everyone's orders on what they wanted me to make for them so my brother chose bacon cheeseburgers with french fries and soda.  OK NEXT!
So who's craving some pizza? My sister made this one.  I'm pretty sure she made this for my dad. He loves pizza. Everyone in my family loves pizza. Well, everyone except me. But that's not important, what is important is getting back to this. See she made this look so appetizing even I would eat it! (Remember I'm the one who doesn't like pizza.) YUM!!! NEXT!
Here is one of my favorites. I made it. It's............... SUSHI! Yup you guessed it. To make it I actually had to look at a picture of my mom's sushi cake. I made two little platters. One for my Aunt and one for my Uncle. Both of them love sushi. My mom thinks this is the "cutest" one I made. You have to admit it's totally awesome and tubular. I think so too. The funny thing about this is I don't know what anything is called other than the fortune cookie. But hey, who cares! NEXT!
Last but not least STEAK, PASTA, and peas. Now this is something I'll eat! Other than the peas. You know what's funny? My sister actually made this for me! Oh how nice, I know. I made her the cupcake in the first picture. Notice how she even made the T-Bone! The colors were perfect for steak too. Yah I know it's so cool. Well, it looks like I'm done posting so.......


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