Monday, April 5, 2010

How can you not just smile until it hurts looking at this?! This is my new little nephew, Jasper Joseph.  Here is the downside of all of this wonderful business, I haven't even met, face to face (only on Skype) this little blessing.  He lives in Chicago and well, I don't.  It hurts my heart not to be able to smell his sweet little head or hold him while doing the "mom bounce". I could just cry talking about it, but I know he understands and supports me anyway. Here's the proof.
This is what I woke up to on the day of my big roll out at Kowalski's.  I asked my sister how she managed it and she said after about 75 photos, they got one that worked! This is now my desktop picture and I could stare at him all day. Everday. Which I try to do.  Everyday.

So everything went great with my venture at Kowalski's and I thought I would share a couple pictures.  My sister, Jeanne came up with one of her sons, T-Dog and helped out.  I am so thankful to have such good helpers and taste testers in the family.  Now if I could get them to move up here...

We had many chickie cupcake pops to get ready.  Here they are before their debut.
As my dear, crazy friend Lori says- "Time to bag 'em!" (No she doesn't work for CSI, she just doesn't get out much.)  Isn't she a pro- look at that technique!  I am pretty sure she had no idea what she got into leaving her 6 kids and husband to help me out.  Strangely enough, we managed to laugh the whole way through. She's another one I keep working on to move up here.  I think I need to provide a steady stream of margaritas for her next visit to help seal the deal.
Here are the chickies awaiting their call to duty the night before we took them into Kowalski's.  The lighting is off a bit again, sorry.  I was trying for natural light, but at 3 am - there was none to be found.  And coincidentally, at 6 am there is far too much!
After many hours of sharing info on me and my products, it was time to wrap it up and get home.  My tivo was calling! 
I say that like I went home and watched tv, not so much.  But it sounded better than...
It was time to get home and figure out dinner, clean up my kitchen, color easter eggs and make sure my family had clean clothes for church.  See what I mean :)
LCS out :)

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