Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm back, did you miss me?

Well, I'm back anyway! It seems crazy to me that the last time I posted was in December, but apparently, it's true.  I intend on posting more often.  I realize that my absence did not truly affect any of you, but I just thought you'd like to know...I'm back! Anyway, where to start? Pictures always work, right?!
How about a year (well almost) in review~
First of all, we had a ton of snow!
A cousin combo birthday for my fave customers. A baseball player, dancer, soccer enthusiast all with piano playing in common. Viola- a cake for all!

Valentine's day, my favorite holiday.

Cupcakes aren't enough, right? V-Day needs cookies too.

A special bridal shower for a soon to be Wild hockey player wife.

Wondering who? Hint, his initials are PMB :)

A very sweet 16 for a fellow cheerleader. My daughter's fellow cheerleader, of course.  Although I was a cheerleader, it was a little while ago. Or like a century now. Something like that.
Isn't the colored sugar in the pops vases extra fun? Can't get too sweet for me.

By oldest turned 14 and wanted "chocolate, ooey, goodness".  So there.

Yes, it's April.  Yes, that's snow. Seriously people.

Traveled to see mom in NM.  Went to a Pow Wow.  Check that one off the list. 

My cutie pie nephew, Everett, visited. Such fun! He loves to sit with a blanket and our pooch loves to sit with him. Maybe they were watching Home Alone? 

My not-so-little-boy went on his first "guys" annual fishing trip to Hayward.
It was very hard to hold my breath all weekend. I let out a huge sigh of relief when he came home in one piece.
Letting go is an issue for me. Hard to tell probably.

Not snow this time, Spring had finally sprung. Yes, it was late May, but we take it any time it comes around here.

Made a confirmation cake for a lovely girl and beautiful dancer.

Bridal showers were raining down in June!

My helper is always on hand to try something new, especially when that has to do with two things. Dough and chocolate chips. She really works at it though! The other two, they get more involve on the tasting side of things. 

Livi's final product that day, or should I say evening~
(We tend to get carried away when we are in the kitchen together and there is dough and chocolate!)
Chocolate chip cookie dough-chocolate covered-sprinkle enhanced bites. Or as she calls them, MINE!
Can I just mention how much I love that she is 12 and still wears pjs with ice cream sundaes on them and a Disney robe she got from Santa like 5 years ago. 

One of my other cutie pie nephews came to visit in June. Yes, I only have cutie pie nephews. From age 19-1, all perfect! This one is Jasper or Jazzy Boo as we like to call him. I could eat him up every time I see him. 

My husband turned another year older, now he's really old!
Unfortunately for me, he is and will always be 10 months less old than me.

Livi, my purple girl, saw a pillow the she wanted me to copy in cake form for her birthday. Mission accomplished :)
 It tasted better than the pillow too.

Got to visit some dear old friends in Missouri and also fawn over the Biebs! I am probably a bigger fan than the girls. They think it's weird. 

My "Mini Baking Beauty" was at it again last summer.  She and her sister, were so excited for the release of the final HP movie . In honor of the series, she decorated 8 cupcakes, one symbolizing each movie. Creative girl, that one.
Oh yeah, feathers in the hair were big for the kids this summer.  Anyone else notice that?

GP Christmas in July in DeForest. We all have a very hard time lightening up.
A highlight of the year, every year.  Has been since I was a kid.  The group keeps growing!
My parents and my Aunt and Uncle (in the center) started this years ago.
God love 'em.

A 70th birthday for a german chocolate cake lover, with a wife who likes something lighter. 

Part two coming up next. Didn't want this to be the world's longest post.  Oops.

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