Sunday, March 29, 2009

Congrats to N & J! We hope you have love and cupcakes 4 ever!

My beautiful sister, Auntie Nell and her love, Uncle J, celebrated with a wedding ceremony this past weekend on an island off Cancun, Isla Mujeres.   With much sadness, my family could not be there to share in what appears to have been an unbelievable event.  I must say, I have shed a few tears in my icing over the past few days.  Then, Auntie Nell sent an email with an amazing photo of her and J on a pier with candles.  It brought on chills, followed by more tears.  You can view it by going to her photographers blog.  Just go to .  I also have a link right here on my blog.  Just look at the column on the right under "SWEET LINKS".  You must look at everything they do!  My sister's picture is posted on their blog. The photography they do is so fantastic! I am so thankful that she could share some of their day with us, even though we were miles away.

One of Nell's favorite things in this world is cupcakes.  So, in honor of my sister, Sadie, Sadie married lady and J, the Hoodie King, here is a look at some of my cupcakes.

A little valentine filled with love
Wishing for spring ensemble
Do I need to say a word about this little chunk of chocolate heaven?
This one was for my hubbie, Snevs, who is not much of a sweets fan.  But he does love his bacon cheeseburgers, so...
The one at the beginning of this post is Nell's favorite.  It is much like her in a way. Sophisticated, unique, elegant, gorgeous, sometimes unapproachable, filled with sweetness and a deep red heart center that when opened, gives you more than you expected. She has always been a gift in my life, since the day she was born.

Red velvet and Nell, two things I could never be without.

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  1. Crying, crying, crying...Nell loves you so much back. Hope you know you were in my heart all day of our wedding. When Dad mentioned my sisters in his speech I pretty much lost you. and your cupcakes.