Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sugar cookies, pretty tasty (hopefully pretty and tasty too!)

Sugs (pronounced shougs) as my kids call them...
Oh, I love cookies! Mixing (dough testing), baking (sampling), decorating (making sure the icing is tasty) and best of all~ giving! I love the basics, like chocolate chip, PB and such- more on those later. However, a pretty, tasty sugar cookie ranks pretty close to the top of the cookie chain for me.

I have had some people say, "Oh they look too cute to eat." Huh? Seriously? I am flattered they think they are so darn cute, but they are cookies.  Meant to be enjoyed and shared.  My kids think I may be a bit too generous on the latter part.  Every time I make cookies and sell them or give them away, they act like they may never see another one.  Of course until they come home from school the next day and smell fresh ones baking just for them.
Like these ~
Or these for their dance competition ~

A skating party anyone?
Taekwondo Tournament (ayyahh!)
We have celebrated many occasions and just plain ole Sunday afternoons, with sugs and a glass of milk.  I invite you to do so too! I know a  pretty girl, who has a hilarious sister, who has a handsome little brother, who loves his daddy, who is married to a woman with a gigantic sweet tooth (keeping Dr. P in business), who would love to make them for you.

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