Monday, March 30, 2009

Grace's Ballet Slipper Cake

Ahhh, back to my pink, girlie groove! Stacey, a fellow pilates gal, ordered a cake for her daughter's 6th birthday.  Her daughter takes ballet and tap dance class, so we wanted to incorporate that into her cake.  Being that I have two dancers, the concept was something I am very familiar with.

Grace, the birthday girl, wanted a chocolate cake- for sure. I made a rich, dense chocolate cake and covered it with vanilla buttercream.  I was not liking the fact that you could still see that darn (scrumptious) chocolate cake showing through the frosting.  So, I decided to make some white fondant and cover a portion of the cake with it.  I covered the cake and then cut out the ballet slippers section.  I piped pink buttercream on the cake for the slippers. Then I colored some of the fondant in a darker pink for the inside of the slippers and a ribbon-like trim for the whole cake.
I used a technique that I saw on one of my favorite TV shows, Amazing Wedding Cakes.  I rolled out a long strip of colored fondant and cut it lengthwise into about a 1/2 inch ribbon.  Then you just role it up, like you would a real ribbon and unroll it along the side of the cake.  Cool, huh? Okay, no one cares. I know, I am losing you.

I added green royal icing letters and little flowers around the base.  Then, I used bubble gum tape for the ribbons on the slippers.  It makes the cake smell so good, perfect for a 6 year old. It was so cute, my girls wanted to keep it here. Nothing new there. 

Stacey's husband, Jason,  and their darling little girls came to pick up the cake. You know how people always say it's a small world? As his kids were adoring our dog, we realized we have the same breed of dog, maltipoo. And, they bought their dog from the same breeder that we did. We realized they were cousins! Also, I thought Jason looked so familiar.  Well, he is the owner of ISPIRI, a design and remodeling company  based right here in Woodbury.  I had just been to a friend's house who recently completed a design/remodel project.  Her house looked so amazing! I wanted to stay there forever.  Turns out it was Jason's company that did the work! I now have ISPIRI on my Christmas wish list! I think you may want to talk to SC about it for yours too!

Stacey and Jason could not be a nicer couple and I love the opportunity to turn people on to a great company.  Check out my links for the ISPIRI website.  So, not only did I have the great fortune to meet another wonderful family, my little pup found another family member, right in his own backyard. Life, it always surprises me!

Here is Grace's birthday cake.  I don't think it could match the sweetness and cuteness of the birthday girl, but hopefully it came close on her special day.


  1. Amazing -- you are so gifted and talented. As I started reading, I had the image of the cake in mind - like a simple pink ballet slipper - something I could maybe make myself? And then voila, I see this photo - seriously - Could this be any more spectacular? Who am I kidding – this just SHOUTS talent, time and LOVE! I adore it. My birthday is in April and I would like to order a cake in the shape of Gilles Marini from Dancing with the Stars. I'll pick up on the 19th. Thank you. Debra

  2. Now he is one thing I think would be better adored than made into a cake- could be wrong, maybe not. How about something sinful to eat while you watch Gilles?

  3. hello! This is Alyssa from dance! I finally found the website and i love it. (my mom does too) its hard to look at the website without getting hungry. keep up the great and tasty work!!!!

    Alyssa :)