Monday, May 11, 2009

Baby shower treats

One of my first, and very loyal, customers called to order some cookies for a baby shower.  Ann had purchased some decorated Easter cookies previously.  She admitted to me that she bought them for "the kids", with no real intention on eating any.  But she decided to taste one. Her parents were in town and decided to taste them as well.  Apparently, "the kids" never really got much after the adults tasted the cookies.  Another thing I love! My sweets just aren't for kids or just for adults.  Hopefully everyone will love to hoard them from each other!

Ann was giving a baby shower with her mom, out of town.  She called to order, saying they would need about 2 dozen, but she would like 3- just to make sure they had enough for them to snack on while preparing for the shower.  Oh, a woman after my own heart.

So these cute little teddy bears and baby bottles were packed up and sent off with her to the shower.  She sent me the picture below from the shower with a big" Thank you!"
Funny, doesn't look like all 3 dozen made it to the plate.  Good job Ann, keep those priorities in order :)

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