Monday, May 25, 2009

So much time, so little to do...scratch that!

It has been too long since I posted and I have so much to share.  First of all, I am so grateful for not just the business that has come my way, but the wonderful people I have met and have had the privilege to work with on this crazy journey. It is truly so rewarding to see the kindness and generosity in people.  Sometimes I think we are all moving so fast with all of our commitments and responsibilities that we forget to relish in what makes us truly happy.  It is so great to me when I see a new smile or hear an amazing compliment.  I think it has made me realize how special something so small can be.  

I know , I know- that's why my dad calls me "Sappy Sue" at times.

Okay onto a fun one.  My Livi loves to help in the kitchen, she's not bad at blogging either!  She decided to play around with some fondant scraps one day.  I just thought it was very creative and so cute.  She even took the picture, kinda artsy don't ya think?  Now if she could just help me out everyday, I may get some sleep! 

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  1. Hello! Keep rocking Michelle. Your
    desserts are simply amazing and have everyone's mouth watering! You're a pretty good blogger to boot!