Monday, August 3, 2009

A "real" red carpet event, well, if your 9!

The wonderful owner of Angelina's Kitchen, Angela, asked me to do a cake for her youngest daughter's 9th birthday party.  She knew I was busy and told me she just really needed a cake to serve, it didn't need to be decorated and "don't go crazy" she said.  I prodded a bit to find out what kind of party it would be.  A red carpet party, complete with a red carpet entrance  filled with interviews, paparazzi and such. Chocolate cake was Sophie's only request.  So as I set out to do a delicious, nothing special cake, I found myself coming up with ideas that would just take a bit extra effort and hopefully look super fun.  Her name in a star, just like the Hollywood walk of fame and a fondant red carpet.  Still it needed something else.  I got it! Red velvet ropes around the edge.  
Angela told me the kids loved the way the cake looked, but by the looks of this picture, I have to think the taste (especially eaten off their fingers) was the best part of it all.
I think I actually like this picture better than the finished cake shot.  Don't you love the touch of glam in their clothes and then the hands everywhere! I am so happy Sophie thoroughly enjoyed her cake.  I am thinking that may be how I should eat my cake this birthday.  41 years of eating cake with a fork, maybe it is a time for a change?!

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