Friday, August 7, 2009

These are a few of my Favorite Sweet Things! Part II

I'm back and ready to rock this blog! For those of you who don't know me I am B-lou, official "These are a few of my Favorite Sweet Things" blog poster. So I'm going to pick up where I ended last time, got it? Good. Okay now I shall begin.
Ahh, the world famous chocolate chip cookie. It's a classic, perfection, nothing else to be said. Except for the fact that my mom's are the best in the world! They're kind of hard to resist, but then again so is every other sweet thing!
Lemon bread, it's a best-seller! I'm not joking, neighbors come over knocking on our door asking for it!
Next is,
B-lou's 11th birthday cake. So, funny story. My birthday is always during lent and every year we give up something for 40 days and 40 nights. What I chose to give up that year was ice cream. (Because I mean, it's kind of hard to give up chocolate, right?) So for my birthday my mom came up with the idea to make a cake in the shape of an ice cream cone.  Boy was it good, but then again when has my mom ever made something bad?   

Okay this is,
Livi's 1st communion cake. Doesn't it look so perfe-never mind there's a face in the way. JK! Everyone loved it! Including me! Look at my brother in the background. Funny huh? Wonder if he was in trouble or something.

Cam's 6th birthday cake. Simple yet yummy, when my mom asked Cam what he wanted on his birthday cake he said "I just want circles" So that's what he got!

Well I'm done with "These are a few of my Favorite Sweet things".  No there will not be a part III. Sorry folks but blogging is hard work and I have many other things to do, like tasting sweets ;D  So, farewell.

See Ya,


  1. OKay so now I'll comment...
    I just am amazed at each creative my sister is!
    She sure has got a knack for the visually pleasing sweeet treat that also tastes good!
    I could use some of your cookie dough in exchange for some guac!!!
    Just needed cookies for 100 to go along with some apps.
    Miss you guys...great blogging B-Lou...I'm pretty sure I know you...
    Hasta Luego, JMPH

  2. Hey B-LoU, Great Post/Blog.

    As if I knew anything about a Post/Blog.
    But, the pictures really show off the variety/creativity of what your Mom can make.

    The hard part is that you have to eat all those Sweets...;-0

    Can't wait to se yal"

    Dove Ya,