Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sharing cookies with my friend Jenny, from LaCrosse to Singapore

My dear, sweet college friend, Jen and I recently got back in touch with each other via facebook. Now, I guess facebook is okay. I really don't get on to it very often and I don't really understand certain aspects of it, but it has been a great way to reconnect and keep in touch with friends who no longer live near you.
Jen and I met at UW-LaCrosse a few (well quite a few) years ago. We had some fun! We actually were very innocent and goofy, seriously nothing too bad. Since then we have both moved around and had families. She is now living in Singapore with her lovely hubbie and her adorable daughter.
Turns out she was going to be traveling back to the states for her sister-in-law's 40th birthday party. She asked me to make some sugar cookies and send them to the party. I was so honored and thrilled and well, just very touched. So, I decided that anyone turning 40 should feel like a queen, so I made crown cookies.
One version had her initial on it.
And the other one had, well the big 4-0!
They shipped great, with a few minor cracks in a couple, which Jen and her daughter seemed to enjoy taking care of.
I miss seeing my dear friend, but hey, if we can share some cookies after all these years and through all these miles...friendship doesn't get much sweeter than that! Love to you Jen!


  1. Well, you must have caught me on an emotional day because this post brought tears to my eyes. My brother-in-law says I cry when a leaf falls off a tree, but that was so sweet! (no pun) I sure do miss you after all these years and I promise the first chance I get I will make an effort to get your way! Not sure when that will be but there's always something to look forward to! Thanks for this post. See I read it!

    Love you too!!! Jen

  2. I was at Sonnies of Woodbury last night for a special sale, thank you, event and they had some wonderful treats! I LOVED your brownies and the red velvet bon bons? I tore myself away as not to seem like a pig....S Taylor, Wdby!